Public Scholarship

As a scholar of the political economy of development, I have been committed to disseminating my research to multiple stakeholders. During my fieldwork in Pakistan, I have remained an Affiliate with Pakistan’s Consortium for Development Policy Research. I have also presented my research at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, and shared insights from an article I wrote for the Monkey Cage in a podcast with the Center of Economic Research in Pakistan.

I am an APSA Public Scholar for the AY 2022-23. My featured blogposts at Political Science Now are listed below.

  1. “Indigenous Communities that Resisted Historical Labor Conscription Are More Likely to Obtain Accommodation from the State,” 27th July, 2023. Available here.

  2. “How Conflicts and Population Loss Led to the Rise of English Wikipedia’s Credibility,” 29th May, 2023. Available here

  3. “Lockdowns for Public Health Can Also Reduce Violence,” 20th March, 2023. Available here.

  4. “Failing Merit-Based Civil Service Exams Can Reduce Institutional Trust and National Identifica- tion,” 6th February, 2023. Available here.

  5. “Getting Someone Else to Do the Task: When Accountability Initiatives Create Shadow States Instead of Building Bureaucratic Capacity” 26th December, 2022. Available here.

  6. “Should the Rich Be Taxed? People Are More Concerned about Whether the Rich Are Greedy Than Whether They Worked Their Way Up!” 24th October, 2022. Available here.

  7. “Targeting Men could Raise Women Voters’ Turnout,” 23rd September, 2022. Available here.

Podcast (Episode 17) available here.